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使用HotForex VPS托管,除了您的个性化交易选择之外,还可以同时执行Expert Advisor订单的处理。 VPS主机为交易者提供了必要的优势 - 现在获得上手。

HotForex VPS Advantages

  • 适用于所有的EA
  • 可以交易不同的交易产品包括外汇,黄金,白银,原油,指数,股票和期货。
  • 账户一次性存款金额超过5000美元,将得到免费的VPS服务 (8000美元提供免费高级VPS)
  • 允许您在电脑没有开机的情况下,一周5天24小时一直运作。
  • 从世界任何一个角落都可以连接
  • 安全度高,只允许终端用户使用密码访问
  • 专业管理员监控服
  • 磁盘空间20000MB
  • CPU达2200MHz
  • 内存512MB
  • 无限带宽
  • 标准VPS为30美元/月,360美元/年。
  • 高级VPS为50美元/月,6000美元/年。


HotForex VPS 常见问题回答

  • VPS是安装在哪个操作系统?
    我们使用的是微软Windows Server 2003 R2企业版SP2。
  • VPS的规格如何?
    CPU: 1100MHz
    内存:: 512MB 保证/ 最大1GB
    硬盘: 20GB
    带宽: 无限
    价格: 30美元/月, 360美元/年
    CPU: Upgraded to 2x1100MHz
    内存: 1GB 保证 / 最大2GB
    硬盘: 50GB
    带宽: 无限
    价格:: 50美元/月,600美元/年
  • 我怎样连接我的VPS?
    由于它是一个Windows 安装的VPS,您可以通过“远程桌面连接”(RDP)进行连接。
    然后会有一个窗口打开,询问您的服务器/ IP。请输入您的HotForex VPS的IP,然后点击“Enter”键。
  • 一旦连接,我的VPS就可以使用了吗?br />是的,HotForex 的 MT4已经安装在您的VPS内。您需要做的是,当您连接的第一次就需要在MT4输入您的HotForex 交易帐户ID和密码。

MT4 VPS 条款和条件

  • The Free VPS Service is only available for deposits starting after the 9th of July 2012.
  • The client acknowledges that he/she has read and fully agrees to adhere to the VPS terms and conditions, in addition to the Hotforex terms and conditions when opening a live trading account or by obtaining the free Hotforex VPS service.
  • A minimum balance of $5,000 has to be maintained in the trading account in order for a client to receive the free MT4 VPS services..
  • In order for a client to continue receiving the free MT4 VPS service for free, the following criteria should be met:
    a) Maintain a balance of 5,000 USD or equivalent.
    b) Complete a minimum monthly trading volume of 5 lots.
  • In order for a client to continue receiving the free MT4 Advanced VPS service for free, the following criteria should be met:
    a) Maintain a balance of 8,000 USD or equivalent.
    b) Complete a minimum monthly trading volume of 8 lots.
  • HotForex has the right to remove the VPS service if the above 2 criteria have not been met. In case a client wishes to continue benefiting from the VPS service then a fee of 30 USD or equivalent should be paid to cover the VPS cost. The client agrees the fee of 30 USD or equivalent will be deducted automatically from the clients trading account if: a) The client does not meet the requirements listed on clause 3 then a fee of 30 USD or equivalent may apply to continue the use of the VPS service.
  • The client agrees and acknowledges that HotForex is not responsible for the failure of the VPS in anyway, this includes but is not limited to; power failures, technical failures, any communication/ data failure, system failures etc. The client acknowledges that VPS hosting is controlled by a third party and HotForex shall not be liable for any failures in relation to the VPS hosting.
  • The free VPS service is limited to one account per account holder.
  • If HotForex suspects a client has abused or attempted to abuse this promotion, then HotForex reserves the right to deny or withdraw a client from his/her eligibility of participating in the VPS service even in the event a client meets the requirements in the above conditions. If necessary, HotForex has the right to cancel all terms and conditions in respect to that client, whether it be on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • HotForex reserves the right to modify, change or terminate this promotional offer at any given time without the consent of the Client.
  • The client cannot withdraw funds with the intention of re-depositing said funds in order to benefit from this promotion. In case of this happening, HotForex has the right to exclude the client from the VPS hosting promotion.
  • To obtain the Free MT4 VPS service please click on the icon Free VPS within the myHotForex.
  • The Virtual Private Server is hosted and managed by a third-party VPS hosting provider. A 1st-level of support can be provided by the HotForex IT Department, simply by raising a ticket to Whilst we will do our best to support you and resolve any issues you may have, some of your tickets may need to be escalated directly to the VPS provider as we don't have physical access on the main node.
  • VPS can only be offered for trading accounts that were opened/imported within the myHotForex.

How to apply for a free VPS

  • 登录进 myHotForex.
  • 点击主菜单上写有“免费VPS'的按钮,之后按照说明进行下一步操作


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